It’s a funny thing about getting stuff done; but if you do it all at once and think of nothing else it goes rather quickly, but the minute you start multitasking and putting things off it balloons and is delayed over and over again. That’s what happened with this episode. I usually update late Monday night, so the podcast is new and fresh Tuesday morning. Yesterday, however, I was swamped, and decided I would put off actually updating the podcast until today. Well, today came, and first there was one thing and then another, and just as I was sitting down to upload this podcast… my cat (one of my other cats, the ones that didn’t get hit by a truck) turned up with a hole in his neck and a bunch of missing fur.

Three hours and a vet visit later, we now know he has a popped abscess. Which is the good kind of abscess. We have antibiotics and some anti-inflammatory meds to bring down his fever, and now… at last… I can post this, the final episode for Season 2 of Radio Grimbald.

Assuming, of course, my dog hasn’t gotten into some kind of trouble. Hang on, let me go check…

…okay, she’s fine. Now, for the podcast!

This week I’m reading the last story in the first volume of The Adventures of Bouragner Felpz: After the Storm. Now, while most of these stories can be read in any order, this one is best read last. So if you haven’t already, head on over to the Episode Directory and get caught up.

Featured this week is music by my brother, Evan, who just turned 22 this week. Happy birthday, Evan! If you like his music, you can hear more over it over here.

Radio Grimbald will be going on holiday after this, but I intend to update whenever I can with special bonus episodes. Watch this space for news and updates!

Also worth noting, if you’d like to hear more of my voice (literally), I’ve read a Gwyneth Jones story for Star Ship Sofa and the episode is available right here. Old-timey listeners my remember that the Sofa was one of the podcasts I sited as inspiration in the very first episode of Radio Grimbald, so it’s quite an honor to be a contributor for it. So if you haven’t already, go over and check out Star Ship Sofa. After you’ve finished here, of course! ;-)

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Hello, and welcome all to the 15th episode of Radio Grimbald. This week I’m reading the tenth Bouragner Felpz story: The Alchemists’ Circle. Now, I have been saying all along that these are stand-alone stories that can be read in any order, but that is not quite the truth. You can read them in any order, but I would recommend you read/listen to the first story, The Purple Gentleman (eBook here and RG episode here), and the seventh, The Twisted Unicorn (eBook here and RG episode here), before reading/listening to this one. And I also highly recommend reading/listening to the entire series before getting on to the last story, which I’ll be reading next week.

That out of the way, I hope you are all having a marvelous Spring (except those of you south of the equator, in which case I wish you a happy Fall), and here is…

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Well, here I am, back again! This week I’ve got the ninth Bouragner Felpz short story, The Labors of Lilith Maugs. A bit darker this time, but dark in a fun sort of way. I hope.

We’re nearing the end of the first volume of Bouragner Felpz stories. I had always imagined these tales collected into two volumes, with a rather substantial narrative gap between the two. But more on that later. Point is, we’re getting close to the end, so things will start getting good. I hope.

You’ll enjoy this episode.

I hope.

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Hey folks, I’m sorry to have to announce this but: I’m going to have to push Episode 14 back a week. As you may have heard, last Tuesday my beloved pet cat, Nyx, was killed by a truck. You can imagine this threw a pretty big wrench into the delicate gear system of my daily life, and as a result of descending into dark depression and drowning my sorrows in Discworld novels for several days I was quite unable to get the necessary work done on the podcast this week.

Now I have re-surfaced somewhat, and I am fully confident that I’ll be able to resume regular posting next week. Again, my apologies for this hiccup.

In honor of Nyx’s memory, I’m asking people to donate to the care of Minstrel—who also got hit by a car, but unlike Nyx, he survived. His donation page is here. Alternatively, consider donating to your no-kill shelter of choice.

Good night Nyx, 2009-2012

Until next time…

…drive slowly, and watch out for small furry animals. :’(

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Hello everyone, this week I’m reading the eighth Bouragner Felpz story: The Song of the Fire Stones. Thanks, as always, for listening, and I hope you enjoy it!

Today marks my first day of full work. That is, I’m coloring comic pages, sketching comic pages, editing audio, and working on ePubbing my backlog of stories. I’m sure there are other things waiting to be done as well, but if I think too hard about it I will start to cry. So. I’m off to bed. Have fun!

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The triumphant return of Radio Grimbald, brought to you by your increasingly sleep-deprived host, ME. This week I’m reading The Twisted Unicorn, the 7th story in my Adventures of Bouragner Felpz series.

I honestly sometimes wonder what I should write here, since I do most of my thoughtful blogging over at There isn’t really much to say about making this podcast, other than: I was very tired when I read this story (I always am) and I put off editing it until the last minute (I always do) and iTunes is being coy and not accepting my submissions in a timely manner, and Pubit over at BarnesandNoble had a hiccup with the ISBN which delayed the eBook there as well. Thank goodness for Amazon’s take-all-comers approach, since they at least accept my books in a timely manner. It makes me worry that they’re not doing any QA, but since I do that all myself before the book ever leaves my computer, I don’t much mind.

There. Now I’ve written something. Have a podcast!

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This week, the episode you are about to hear was actually recorded and edited last week, since I was out of town this weekend. But since my show isn’t exactly current events or news, I don’t think it will make much of a difference. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even have noticed if I hadn’t told you so. Oh well.

This week I am reading The Amazing Mages, a brand spanking-fresh new story so recently published that, as of this post, it has not yet been accepted into the iTunes iBookstore. That should change in the coming days, however. Emphasis on should. As for what I was doing this weekend, keep an eye on for a full report. (Spoiler: it involves Las Vegas.)

Until then, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Cover art by Goldeen Ogawa.

A quick programming note: next Tuesday, March 6th, there will be no new Radio Grimbald. I will be hard at work getting the second half of Season 2 ready to go, and new shows will resume the following week. Thanks!

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It is unreasonably early on Tuesday morning, so have a podcast! This week I’m reading The Last Dragon, one of my favorites from the first volume of The Adventures of Bouragner Felpz. I know it is a good thing to say something witty around here, but I’m afraid I am quite unable to this week. Please, enjoy the show!


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Well well well, here we are again (it’s always such a pleasure!) and I’ve got a brand new story for you. Well, not brand new. It’s been available as an eBook for at least two weeks now. Heh.

This week on Radio Grimbald I’m reading Snakes and Ladders, the fourth installment in The Adventures of Bouragner Felpz. As always, you can purchase online at Amazon, iTunes and B&N—every eBook purchase goes toward supporting this podcast, remember! Look at me, ignoring that it’s Valentine’s Day, I hope you enjoy this episode!

And, as I mention at the end, I am now on Goodreads, so feel free to say hello if you’re on there.

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Some weeks I get things done. Things done ahead of time and before schedule and it’s super production and things go smoothly.

Last week was not one of those weeks. So I have spent the last 6 hours or so manhandling this episode into existence. I hope you enjoy it! :D

IN THIS EPISODE: I read The Unholy Cathedral, third in my Bouragner Felpz series—I hope you enjoy it! As always you can purchase this story as an eBook, along with the rest of the Adventures of Bouragner Felpz, from such reputable eBooksellers as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes.

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