About Radio Grimbald

Radio (n.) short for the early Twentieth-century invention Radiotelephone, which used modulations in electromagnetic waves to carry messages across long distances without the use of wires. Comes from the word radiate, compare to radiation, radius.

Grimbald (n.) the capricious and unpredictable self-proclaimed Queen of Dreams, who oversees the world of nightmares and fables in Antellonia. Comes from the English Grim and Bald, so called because she is neither. Comparable to the Polish figure Nocnitsa, or Night-Hag, Grimbald is generally considered to be benevolent, if not entirely trustworthy.


Radio Grimbald is a podcast produced and hosted by writer and artist Goldeen Ogawa. It was created to provide a free venue for her stories, which she writes and narrates herself. Each episode contains one short story, or a single chapter of a longer one. The program is divided into separate seasons, with each season containing a collection of short stories or an entire novel.

Episodes range in length from 30 minutes to an hour, and sometimes longer, depending on the length of the story. The podcast updates weekly, and is available for free directly from the website, or the iTunes store.

The program is named after Grimbald, an original character who has recurring appearances in Goldeen’s fiction.

The theme music was written by Evan Ogawa, and performed by Evan Ogawa and Rachel Goldeen. Cover art by the author.


About the Author

Goldeen Ogawa is a writer and artist and the producer behind just about everything you see and hear on Radio Grimbald. An avid story-teller from an early age, she has been writing fantasy since she was thirteen. She is also an enthusiastic artist, providing illustrations to many of her stories, and writing and illustrating several comic books. Major influences on her style of writing include British authors C.S. Lewis, and Diana Wynne Jones—who she often cites as “the best writer in the history of ever, except maybe Patrick O’Brian.”

Her official site is GoldeenOgawa.com, where she posts journals and publishes her eBooks. She also writes and illustrates the web-manga Angeldevil, and she can be found on twitter @GrimbyTweets





The author would like to thank these kind persons:

  • Her Wonderful Mother, Marian Goldeen, for her tireless support and work on this website.
  • Her Amazing Aunt, Rachel Goldeen, for her enthusiastic encouragement.
  • And her Bestest Brother, Evan Ogawa, the other half of Epic as Usual.