Episode 14: Delayed

Hey folks, I’m sorry to have to announce this but: I’m going to have to push Episode 14 back a week. As you may have heard, last Tuesday my beloved pet cat, Nyx, was killed by a truck. You can imagine this threw a pretty big wrench into the delicate gear system of my daily life, and as a result of descending into dark depression and drowning my sorrows in Discworld novels for several days I was quite unable to get the necessary work done on the podcast this week.

Now I have re-surfaced somewhat, and I am fully confident that I’ll be able to resume regular posting next week. Again, my apologies for this hiccup.

In honor of Nyx’s memory, I’m asking people to donate to the care of Minstrel—who also got hit by a car, but unlike Nyx, he survived. His donation page is here. Alternatively, consider donating to your no-kill shelter of choice.

Good night Nyx, 2009-2012

Until next time…

…drive slowly, and watch out for small furry animals. :’(

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