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Hey folks, I’m sorry to have to announce this but: I’m going to have to push Episode 14 back a week. As you may have heard, last Tuesday my beloved pet cat, Nyx, was killed by a truck. You can imagine this threw a pretty big wrench into the delicate gear system of my daily life, and as a result of descending into dark depression and drowning my sorrows in Discworld novels for several days I was quite unable to get the necessary work done on the podcast this week.

Now I have re-surfaced somewhat, and I am fully confident that I’ll be able to resume regular posting next week. Again, my apologies for this hiccup.

In honor of Nyx’s memory, I’m asking people to donate to the care of Minstrel—who also got hit by a car, but unlike Nyx, he survived. His donation page is here. Alternatively, consider donating to your no-kill shelter of choice.

Good night Nyx, 2009-2012

Until next time…

…drive slowly, and watch out for small furry animals. :’(

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It is with some regret that I am pushing back the premier of Season 2 by one week, as I find I need more time to get my ducks in order. Therefore The Purple Gentleman will be coming to you on the 24th rather than the 17th, but the series will continue in an orderly fashion from there.

I want to thank everyone who’s contacted me about the podcast; your positive feedback has been greatly appreciated! Though it seems most of you are a little confused at the inability to post comments here. Let me explain this: in my experience with open comments on a personal blog, you can get two types (mostly): close personal friends who leave kind, personal comments; and trolls. The trolls are the vast majority, sadly, and I don’t want to waste my time moderating them, nor your time reading their stupid leavings. Also, and this may seem a bit supercilious but bear with me; replying to comments takes time. So does writing and creating a podcast. And I would rather devote what time I have to the latter. By making it just a little more difficult to leave a comment (and it is not really that difficult to send an email, is it?) I ensure that only the people who are genuinely interested in the podcast will contact me. And I do not mind taking the time to answer their questions at all.

However, if you are too shy to send me a direct email, and choose instead to contact me through any of the social sites of which I am a member, that is also fine.

I am considering, for this next season of Radio Grimbald, posting a corresponding journal to my deviantART account, as a lot of you probably already have accounts there, where you can comment and discuss to your hearts’ content.

And if you do not have a dA account, there is always that handy email:

Happy New Year, everyone, and I’ll see you in a few weeks!


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