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It’s a funny thing about getting stuff done; but if you do it all at once and think of nothing else it goes rather quickly, but the minute you start multitasking and putting things off it balloons and is delayed over and over again. That’s what happened with this episode. I usually update late Monday night, so the podcast is new and fresh Tuesday morning. Yesterday, however, I was swamped, and decided I would put off actually updating the podcast until today. Well, today came, and first there was one thing and then another, and just as I was sitting down to upload this podcast… my cat (one of my other cats, the ones that didn’t get hit by a truck) turned up with a hole in his neck and a bunch of missing fur.

Three hours and a vet visit later, we now know he has a popped abscess. Which is the good kind of abscess. We have antibiotics and some anti-inflammatory meds to bring down his fever, and now… at last… I can post this, the final episode for Season 2 of Radio Grimbald.

Assuming, of course, my dog hasn’t gotten into some kind of trouble. Hang on, let me go check…

…okay, she’s fine. Now, for the podcast!

This week I’m reading the last story in the first volume of The Adventures of Bouragner Felpz: After the Storm. Now, while most of these stories can be read in any order, this one is best read last. So if you haven’t already, head on over to the Episode Directory and get caught up.

Featured this week is music by my brother, Evan, who just turned 22 this week. Happy birthday, Evan! If you like his music, you can hear more over it over here.

Radio Grimbald will be going on holiday after this, but I intend to update whenever I can with special bonus episodes. Watch this space for news and updates!

Also worth noting, if you’d like to hear more of my voice (literally), I’ve read a Gwyneth Jones story for Star Ship Sofa and the episode is available right here. Old-timey listeners my remember that the Sofa was one of the podcasts I sited as inspiration in the very first episode of Radio Grimbald, so it’s quite an honor to be a contributor for it. So if you haven’t already, go over and check out Star Ship Sofa. After you’ve finished here, of course! ;-)

Cover art by Goldeen Ogawa.

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Happy holidays, it’s the season finale of Radio Grimbald! This week I read The Piper in the Dell, the fifth and final story in my collection Fiddler’s Dream and Other Stories. Also making guest appearances on the podcast for the very first time: the Dog; and my brother, who is kind enough to grant me an interview on the topic of his amazing musical powers. This episode features, as a special, musical extra, the F.E.X. Main Theme, composed by Evan Ogawa.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanza, Happy Solstice, etc. etc. and I will see you early in the new year with Season 2 of Radio Grimbald. Season 2 will feature stories from the first volume of the collected adventures of Bouragner Felpz, starting with The Purple Gentleman on Tuesday, January 17th.

Cover art by Goldeen Ogawa.

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