The Alchemists’ Circle

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Hello, and welcome all to the 15th episode of Radio Grimbald. This week I’m reading the tenth Bouragner Felpz story: The Alchemists’ Circle. Now, I have been saying all along that these are stand-alone stories that can be read in any order, but that is not quite the truth. You can read them in any order, but I would recommend you read/listen to the first story, The Purple Gentleman (eBook here and RG episode here), and the seventh, The Twisted Unicorn (eBook here and RG episode here), before reading/listening to this one. And I also highly recommend reading/listening to the entire series before getting on to the last story, which I’ll be reading next week.

That out of the way, I hope you are all having a marvelous Spring (except those of you south of the equator, in which case I wish you a happy Fall), and here is…

Cover art by Goldeen Ogawa.

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