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The triumphant return of Radio Grimbald, brought to you by your increasingly sleep-deprived host, ME. This week I’m reading The Twisted Unicorn,┬áthe 7th story in my Adventures of Bouragner Felpz┬áseries.

I honestly sometimes wonder what I should write here, since I do most of my thoughtful blogging over at There isn’t really much to say about making this podcast, other than: I was very tired when I read this story (I always am) and I put off editing it until the last minute (I always do) and iTunes is being coy and not accepting my submissions in a timely manner, and Pubit over at BarnesandNoble had a hiccup with the ISBN which delayed the eBook there as well. Thank goodness for Amazon’s take-all-comers approach, since they at least accept my books in a timely manner. It makes me worry that they’re not doing any QA, but since I do that all myself before the book ever leaves my computer, I don’t much mind.

There. Now I’ve written something. Have a podcast!

Cover art by Goldeen Ogawa.

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